A rainforest retreat with access to everything to the Daintree has to offer

Great place to stay at the Daintree. It just commands relaxation and regardless how busy they day has been seeing the sights coming back to this location is peaceful. Peter and Jill are great hosts and made sure that we had everything. If you’re a birder there are plenty of birds to see, we spotted on our visit: Spangled Drongo, Helmeted Friarbird, Yellow Bellied Sunbird, Metallic Starlings, Pied Imperial Pigeon/Torres Strait Pigeon, Top Knot Pigeon, Lovely Fairy Wren and Graceful Honeyeaters. The soap is great. You will end up buying some to take home. It’s a place to relax. No phone calls. No emails. No SMS. That can all be dealt with later. Right now it’s all about the quietness and the views from Wompoo...
— Cronin via AirBNB

Wompoo Eco Retreat is five kilometres from the beautiful Cow Bay Beach with its long sandy beaches, rocky headlands surrounded by mountain range.

Other easily accessible tours, activities and destinations include:


We are able to book tours on your behalf.

There are also a number of boardwalks that allow you to walk through a range of habitats such as the easily walked Jindalba or Marrja boardwalks or the more strenuous Mt Sorrow walking trail.

There are a few restaurants and also a hotel in the area.