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Wompoo in the Wet

`Wompoo in the Wet

A beautiful watercolour and gouache by Artist Gail Shaw. We are very happy with this beautiful piece of art work that has found a new home at

Handmade Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Your stay at Wompoo Eco Retreat wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious soak in the outdoor rammed earth bath. We now provide complimentary bath salts to enhance

Soap making for our guests

Soap making for our guests…..

Love the new matcha tea and ylang ylang plus favourites; uplifting minty aromas and the earthy turmeric, ginger and lemon myrtle.

Austropleabeia spp native bee hive

New home for native bees

We had to transfer this colony of Austropleabeia spp native bees into their new home. We placed them amongst the Rambutan trees to improve pollination.

Handmade soap

Handmade Soap

Soap making this weekend – earthy lemon myrtle, ginger and turmeric with ground `ginger lift tea’ from the `the tea chest’ and ylang ylang, orange with ground

Handmade Daintree Soap

Daintree Soap

We have been busy harvesting ginger and turmeric and have made a fantastic soap using these ingredients which create an earthy aroma.  Also a refreshing minty soap

Daintree Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast @ Wompoo

Our guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning during their stay at Wompoo eco retreat in the Daintree rainforest. We provide guests with quality fresh local produce

Handmade Soap Daintree

Turmeric Hand Made Soap

Turmeric and lemon myrtle hand made soap.  This has a real earthy aroma with a hint of freshness from the lemon myrtle essential oil, scatterings of (The Tea

Summer fruits

Summer Fruits

Some of our summer fruits, still need to wait for the mangosteens and rambutans.